No matter what someone wishes to purchase, they want to make sure that it is the best. You deserve to treat yourself with the most stylish, upscale pieces in your wardrobe, makeup, and every other aspect of your life. Something like locally handmade headbands might seem trivial to you, but for us it is what brings out the magic of your beauty. Our feminine accessories by TANYA LITKOVSKA made from the finest silks, velvets and cottons are the missing piece to your everyday attire. You will feel like a trendsetter with your unique, custom made headbands. Who doesn’t love something magnificent that was personally designed for them? We want you to feel confident with your style and to strut your stuff with our captivating pieces. The prom hair accessories don’t make you beautiful. You make them beautiful. Each item you wear will accentuate your best features. Feel like a superstar when you’re out on the town with your friends or walking to school under the sunshine. Catch the attention of everyone you pass with our gold hair accessories. Watch your eyes sparkle brighter and your smile grow wider as you feel happier with the way you’ve dressed yourself. Fashion is about empowerment and feeling like the strong woman that you’ve always wanted to be. Others will look up to you and seek your fashion advice when you’re rocking out in these cool hair accessories. Make your own fashion choices and let us be your guides in the best hair accessories that follow the latest trends.



Everyone says that the best gifts, even if those gifts are for yourself, are handmade. Why should you settle for anything less from your accessories? With our handmade headbands, you will know that we put in the time and effort to create gorgeous pieces with the best materials available to us. You will notice the unique qualities of each headband. They are made with vibrant colors, different fabrics, and various styles that suit all types of people. We want you to feel like a trendsetter, but at the same time, it’ll be like you’re standing out from the crowd. This headband will be yours, and though some may look similar, there will still be a unique aspect that can only come from handmade products. Handmade headbands by TANYA LITKOVSKA will help you feel fun and stylish. What good is a headband if you’re not going to have fun with it? Unleash your flirty and feisty side while you’re showing off your accessories. Style your hair anyway you want, using our radiant pieces as the inspiration to your fashion choices. Let your imagination run wild and use it for any occasion. Class up the handmade headbands for an elegant party or dress it down for a casual night with friends. Stay in control of your fashion choices and don’t worry about what others think. Allow our best hair accessories to bring you joy and appreciate your look with the enhancement of a handmade headbands. Let your beautiful self fly through the world with a smile!



When it comes to your wardrobe, you want to have choices. You want to touch the fabrics, see amazing colors, and pair up the best pieces of clothing for your special event. Once you’ve chosen the clothing, you’ll need a killer accessory to make the ensemble pop! You don’t want an accessory made for just anyone. You want custom made headbands that show off your fun side and reflect your true personality. It’s okay to experiment with your fashion choices and be different from everyone else. Find the magic in a gorgeous accessory and let your wild side shine through. Choose something that you know you will enjoy for years. Everyone enjoys something that is personalized for them and makes them smile so wide that it hurts. You deserve to feel that joy and to empower yourself with your choices. Put on our custom made headbands and you will feel like the upscale lady that you are. You have a voice and you’re not afraid to use it. Make the most of your wardrobe and best hair accessories to make the best first impression possible. We provide high-quality products so that you can burst with pride at your own beauty. Learn to empower each other with something as simple as custom made headbands by TANYA LITKOVSKA. Match your accessories and explore your superstar personality as you try on every accessory you own. We make our headbands with you in mind, and you can feel the hard work that went into designing your very own custom made headbands.




One of the most magical nights of a girl’s life, and a night that requires the most elegant of accessories, is prom night. You want to choose prom hair accessories that make you feel like a princess just for one incredible night. Listen to your heart beating rapidly and feel the excited nerves pulsing through your body. Get ready to dance all night and look your best! Do you want to be a princess? How about an edgy woman of power? Whatever you choose to be, with our prom hair accessories, you will know that you light up every room. Embrace the beauty within you and accentuate your beautiful smile and cute dimples. You spent hours picking out the perfect dress and you need special accessories to go with it. Our best hair accessories are made with quality materials because you deserve to be treated like royalty. Wave to your loyal subjects feeling like the trendiest girl at the prom. It’s important to make as many happy memories as you can. Some of those memories should involve the joy spending time with your girlfriends and pampering each other before you head to the venue. Only the best prom hair accessories by TANYA LITKOVSKA can grace your head. Stand tall with the dignity and grace of a princess and feel good about yourself. Make 2019 your year of confidence, love, friendship, and majestic beauty. Our accessories can boost your beauty and show you the truth that’s in your heart. You are beautiful, and you must never forget that.





Staying true to yourself is the key to happiness, and so is being unique in a crowd of followers. Be a leader in fashion trends and make all heads turn towards you. Strut down the catwalk with a sly smile on your face while wearing our unique gold hair accessories. Wearing gold is a bold statement, but you’re fierce enough to pull it off. You want to look your best no matter where you go, and using a sophisticated yet whimsical accessory will help you achieve that. With the best handmade gold hair accessories, you will look like a dream to anyone you pass. You will be the woman that others aspire to be. If you project an image of confidence and determination to succeed, then others will know that you mean business. Your infectious smile can bring joy to others, so you should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear to make that smile more powerful. With our gold hair accessories, you will say to the world that you are a feisty woman who protects her loved one and gets what she wants. Deep down, however, you have a heart of gold and want to spread positivity to the world. Your heart is bursting with love and a passion for life. Why not show that side of your personality in your fashion choices? You’re a complex person and gold hair accessories just make you that much more interesting. You’re planning to be the best version of yourself this year and you want every memory you make to be vibrant.

gold hair accessories



If you want to be the best version of yourself, you’re going to have to put in the work. Allow your fashion choices to tell a story about who you are. Using cool hair accessories by TANYA LITKOVSKA can show that you are a fun person to be around. On the other hand, you’re not afraid to fight for what you believe in and the world should watch out for all the great things you will do. Your power and your beauty comes from inside you. Our best hair accessories simply highlight the best parts of you and lure them out for you to share with your loved ones. Our radiant accessories are your sidekicks. You are the hero of your own story and you want to grow to be the best person possible. You want to be able to be inspired by your own actions and look gorgeous while saving the world. With our cool hair accessories, you can feel fun and ready for any adventure that comes your way. You are an edgy woman with a heart that is pure. Everyone wants to know your story and you’re ready to share it. With your loved ones backing you up, you feel invincible. You want to be a leader in the fashion world and follow your unique path. Fashion can help you feel freedom to be your true self. Accessorize with cool hair accessories and know that you can take on any challenge. Pamper yourself with love and create a wardrobe that captivates your audience.

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